Waitrose Sugar Plum Cupcake

Waitrose Sugar Plum Cupcake

Waitrose Sugar Plum Cupcake

A festive feast for just £1.25, this cupcake deserves its place in the Waitrose bakery.

A sugar paste angel flies high amidst the golden stars, on top of a swirl of frosting (please excuse her hunchback appearance as I accidentally broke her head off and had to balance it back on!). All of this is nestled in a sparkly gold foil wrapper like a little Christmas gift.

The plum butter cream was the perfect texture and had just enough light flavour running through it. The cake was a nice surprise as it was a beautifully moist carrot cake sponge which was wonderfully spiced and very moreish. This worked so well with the plum icing on the top. The only negative was the combination of the sugar paste angel and the golden sugar crystals on the top. They were very sweet…too sweet and the sugar grains were really large and crunchy. I think a sprinkle of gold glitter would have worked better.

All in all, yet another winner from Waitrose (and its vegetarian friendly too!)

Appearance = 8/10 (very festive)

Taste = 8/10 (scrape the sugar and the angel off and its almost perfect!)

Value for money = 8/10 (top quality at a low price)

Turkish Delight by The Parlour Tearoom

Turkish Delight from The Parlour Tearoom

Turkish Delight from The Parlour Tearoom

I was so excited when I saw that The Parlour Tearoom had made some of these! I had very high hopes for this cupcake as it is a flavour that I have always wanted to try.

A decadent delight, this cupcake is topped with generous cubes of Turkish delight enrobed in milk chocolate. These sit prettily on top of a thick, chocolate butter cream with just a hint of rose flavouring running through it.

Combined with a very well made chocolate sponge cake, this makes an almost perfect package. In my dream world, there would be a gooey centre of Turkish delight nestled deep inside the centre of the cupcake – maybe the lovely ladies will try and make one for me 🙂

All in all, a truly delightful cupcake for £1.75.


Appearance = 9/10 (Gets your taste buds watering)

Taste = 9/10 (Almost perfect!)

Value for money = 9/10 ( Well made, great tasting and well worth it!)

Vanilla Flake Cupcake by Amore

Vanilla Flake Cupcake by Amore

Vanilla Flake Cupcake by Amore

Packaged as a set of 4 cupcakes for £2.69, these Vanilla Flake Cupcakes are made by Amore and sold at Longacres Garden Centre which has a wide range of cakes and treats in its food hall section (along with a fabulous deli counter and butcher).

A chunk of flake sits on a twist of vanilla frosting and the plain cake wrapper holds a plain sponge inside.

This cake was pretty underwhelming. The frosting was very synthetic with no real flavour and a grainy texture. The flake tasted like cheap chocolate and had more of a waxy feel to it. The sponge was very dense, more like a Magdalene cake and had no real taste to it.

All in all, I expected better. The quality of the food sold at Longacres is usually very good and this was a real disappointment. I advise to skip this cake and go straight for the Gelato sold outside…its amazing!

Appearance = 5/10 (looks much better than it tastes)

Taste = 2/10 (I’m struggling to find any good points)

Value for money = 2/10 (no taste = no value)


Spooky Eyeball Cupcake from Greggs

Spooky eyeball Cupcake

Spooky Eyeball Cupcake

I didnt hold high hopes for this gruesome Halloween cupcake. Bought from Greggs The Bakers for just 79p, I expected this to be more ‘trick’ than treat! However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was better than expected.

The sponge cake was light and moist with a good flavour. Sat on top of this was a modest amount of vanilla frosting that tasted like roll out icing and was almost unbearably sweet. Luckily it was only a thin layer so it didn’t overpower the cake. The icing ‘eyeball’ floats on the top of the frosting in a pool of blood (aka strawberry jam) which adds a nice contrast to the frosting both visually and in flavour.

It was never going to be a contender in a gourmet cupcake competition…but it’s way better than many others I have tried in the same price bracket.

I have no idea if this is vegetarian friendly…but Greggs do provide a nutritional breakdown so I can tell you that it contains 286 calories.

All in all, a great little fun snack for kids and a cheap treat! Perfect for a hassle free Halloween party.

 Appearance = 7/10 (a clean & unfussy spooky offering)

Taste = 5/10 (better than expected)

Value for money = 9/10 (the only thing better…would be free!)


Carluccio’s Vanilla Cupcake

Carluccio's Vanilla Cupcake

Carluccio’s Vanilla Cupcake

At £2.25, this vanilla offering from Carluccio’s is not a cheap treat…but it is yummy! Not their main type of food served as its an Italian deli / restaurant so I was surprised at just how good it was.

Although very much a plain jane on the outside, this cupcake is all about the taste. The small but perfectly formed sponge is light and airy and has a delicious dollop of beautiful butter cream on top. This is butter cream at its best, smooth and velvety but with a slight bite to the outside. A few modest sprinkles adorn the top and do not detract from the taste. A delight to eat together, but I could eat the butter cream all day long!

All in all, a very tasty treat and worth the higher price tag.

Appearance = 3/10 (not offensive, but not appealing either)

Taste = 9/10 (oohhhh that butter cream!)

 Value for money = 8/10 (expensive for plain vanilla…but worth it)


Carrot cupcake from Lola’s

Carrot Cupcake by Lola's Cupcakes

Carrot Cupcake by Lola’s Cupcakes

Do not be deceived by this cupcakes rather plain exterior for it is actually a sumptuous treat!

Lola’s Cupcakes are not cheap, this one costs £2.75 but they are a very generous size. Lola’s offers a range of 16 permanent flavours along with a seasonal and special range too – all baked fresh every day. They currently have 5 stores including a branch inside of Harrods.

The sponge is a super moist carrot cake with a perfect texture and taste. It has all the required elements in the right size chunks. Nestled on top, lies a whip of frosting with chopped walnuts studded into the silky smooth cream cheese which adds great texture.

This cupcake is delcious no matter which way you eat it…all together or frosting first 🙂

All in all, an expensive but delicious treat that is not to be missed.

Appearance = 5/10 (but looks can be deceiving!)

Taste = 9/10 (never tasted a sponge so moist)

Value for money = 8/10 (expensive but worth every penny)


Patisserie Valerie – Strawberry Cupcake

Patisserie Valerie - Strawberry Cupcake

Patisserie Valerie – Strawberry Cupcake

Oh dear….I never thought I would say this, EVER, but…this cupcake has too much frosting!

This cupcake from Patisserie Valerie,  looks so promising but doesn’t deliver. The chocolate sponge base is a heavy cake and slightly dry. Topped with a very smooth strawberry flavour paste rather than a true butter cream or frosting. A liberal sprinkling of red sugar crystals add a very pretty dimension and this is all topped with a sugar flower.

Although the topping was only lightly flavoured with strawberry, it was far too sickly sweet and tasted very processed. It also had a very strange consistency that made me feel like I was eating Playdoh. The first couple of bites were nice and the strawberry flavour worked well with the chocolate sponge, but the balance was off as there was so much frosting on top of a relatively small cake.

All in all a pretty cake but it just tasted too artificial.

Appearance = 8/10 (Has a jewel like quality to it)

Taste = 4/10 (Such a disappointment)

Value for money = 4/10 (A great show piece…just don’t eat it!)


National Cupcake Week!

National Cupcake Week

National Cupcake Week

Did you know there is a National Cupcake Week?!?!? Well, there is and this year it runs from 16th – 22nd September 2013. If you ever needed an incentive to try a new cupcake, then this is it as there are many different events planned throughout the UK. The week is organised by British Baker and its main sponsors are Tesco, Secret Ingredients and BFP Wholesale. Check out the website for more information, recipes and competitions.

Oreo Cupcake from The Parlour Tearoom

Oreo Cupcake from The Parlour Tearoom

Oreo Cupcake from The Parlour Tearoom

This frosting-tastic offering is part of a range of cakes sold at The Parlour Tearoom in Basingstoke that are all home made and look very delicious. I indulged in a spot of lunch too which included a slice of coffee and walnut cake, delicious! Always worth booking a table if you want to eat in as they do get very busy.

As always, the mini Oreo biscuit on the top was soggy…but I havn’t yet found a biscuit topping that hasn’t absorbed the moisture from the cream. The frosting itself was plain vanilla with crushed Oreo mixed through it. 10/10 for quantity as there was heaps of butter cream, but the texture was a little bit grainy and sugary. It did however, compliment the sponge cake really well and worked brilliantly when eaten together.

The sponge was a tall, rich chocolate cake that was full of flavour yet still maintained a fluffiness whilst being quite dense. All neatly packaged in a metallic pink case for that extra ‘pop’ of colour and a clear protective box to keep everything safe for the trip home (and just £1.75 each).

All in all, very enjoyable and well balanced (also suitable for vegetarians).

Appearance = 7/10 (a monochrome munchie)

Taste = 7/10 (wouldn’t say no to another one)

Value for money = 7/10 (lots of cake & lots of frosting)